TaoMix 2 (learn more)

An iOS app to create and explore personal and immersive soundscapes to focus, relax and sleep better.

TaoMix 2 has been heavily featured by Apple on the App Store in several categories including “Best new Apps“, “Best meditation apps” and “Great Canadian start-ups”. The app has been downloaded by hundred of thousands of users worldwide and is a leader in its category.

Fonofone (coming Fall 2016)

An iOS app to discover music creation via simple sound manipulation tools. It is developed in collaboration with COSIMU, a non-profit organization created by the Canadian composer Yves Daoust.

The FonoFone is designed to help children discover music creation with simple tools and no particular skills required. It is being used by COSIMU to give workshops in Canadian schools and will be released on the App Store by the end of October 2016.

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