Can I import sounds from another app?

Yes, but not from all apps.

The procedure to follow is different for every app. Most of the time, you can export your sound from the sharing popup. The typical icon for this feature is .

  • If the app lets you export in a file format that is compatible with TaoMix 2, the TaoMix icon should appear in the second row ("Case 1"). If the icon is missing, click the “More” button at the end of the row.
  • If you can’t find the TaoMix icon in the second row, look for an “open in” icon in the third one ("Case 2").

Once TaoMix is selected, it opens automatically and your sound should appear in the “My recordings” sound pack.

Case 1
Case 2

If none of the above solutions works, you can try to export your sound to your computer first (via AirDrop, email, DropBox, etc.) and then follow the instructions given in the section How to import sounds from a computer?

How to import sounds from a computer?

There are two different ways to import your own sounds depending on your computer's operating system.
If you want to be able to share a soundscape containing your own sounds, be sure to keep their file size below 5 MB.

AirDrop (OS X only):

On a Mac computer, simply drag and drop audio files to your iPhone/iPad icon. Then in the popup that appears on your device, select “TaoMix 2”.

On your computer
On your device

Email (any OS):

On your computer, send the sound files via email. On your device, open this email in the "Mail" app and long press the sound file icon. Then follow the steps described in Can I import sounds from another app?

How to share a soundscape?

TaoMix 2 lets you share your soundscapes with the world by generating a unique URL for each of them. This URL can be sent via Mail, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, or any other medium you like and will let the receiver listen to the soundscape in TaoMix 2 as well as in a web browser.


Open the options menu (button more), then touch the share button (). The default iOS sharing popup will appear and let you select the medium you’d like to use to send the sharing link (it can take a few seconds if the network connection is slow). Customize your message and send it.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3 (via Message)
If the soundscape contains sounds that you have imported or recorded:
  • The total size of your own sounds must be under 5 MB
  • A popup will ask for confirmation before your files are uploaded to our servers. Terms of use

Receiving / Listening

When you click on the link:

  • If TaoMix 2 is installed on your device, the app should open automatically and the shared soundscape will be added to your soundscapes list.
  • If the app is not installed on your device or if you are using a computer, the shared soundscape will open in your web browser.

What is the maximum size allowed for imported sounds?

There is no size limit for imported files. However to share a soundscape, the total size of your own sounds must be under 5 MB.

How to record sounds within the app?

Open the sound collection screen (“+” button). In the “By packs” section, select the “My recordings” sound pack (“Step 1 & 2”). The red button allows you to start and stop the recording (“Step 3 & 4”). When the recording ends, a popup will ask you to name or discard the sound (“Step 5”).
The maximum duration of a recording is 30 seconds.

Steps 1 & 2
Steps 3 & 4
Step 5

How to change the weight of a sound in the mix?

On the soundscape screen, keep your finger on the sound for 2 seconds. Once the circle around the sound is complete, move your finger up or down.

Long press a sound

Can I preview a sound before adding it to my soundscape?

Yes. Keep your finger on its name in the sounds list to play, and release your finger to stop. Some sounds are randomly generated. Their preview will be slightly different every time you play it.

Long press to preview a sound

Can I mix TaoMix 2 with other audio apps?

Yes. To enable this feature, go to the “TaoMix 2” section of the “Settings” app, and enable “Mix with other apps”. From there, you can also adjust the “master volume” of the app.

Step 1
Step 2

Can I adjust the app’s volume?

Yes. You can adjust the “master volume” of the app from the “TaoMix 2” section of the “Settings” app. It will still be affected by changes to the device volume.

Step 1
Step 2

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