Create relaxing soundscapes
Collect sound packs
(More than 120 sounds)
Use the timer to fall asleep
Record and mix your own sounds
Share your creations with the world
  • "TaoMix has given me in a short period of time a level of control over my life that I needed to have."

  • "As an insomniac with anxiety, I felt that it was extremely hard to just kick back and unwind. But with this app, that struggle was stopped."

  • "If you need something to help you sleep then you need this app. Period."

  • "Perfect for falling asleep."

  • "Great for escaping back into summertime when you've got the winter blues."

  • "It almost makes you feel like a God controlling the weather."

  • "The ability to animate your mix is pure genius and sets this app apart from every other sound fx app out there."

  • "Perfect stress remover."

  • "Really nicely put together!"

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